As a criminal defence lawyer in Berlin Moabit I am able to provide you with committed, competent and confidential legal services at all stages of criminal court and fines proceedings.

  • The public prosecution service is investigating you?
  • The police or the public prosecution service has summoned you to an interview?
  • A court has ordered you to name assigned counsel?
  • You are not willing to accept a penalty order or fine notice?
  • You have been the victim of a crime and want to assert your claims against the offender?
  • You fear that investigations might be conducted against you or are uncertain whether certain conduct might lead to prosecution?

Then just contact me for an appointment at short notice for a first, informal discussion.


You can contact my office during my hours of business – Monday to Thursday from 9am to 1pm and 2pm to 6pm as well as Friday from 9am to 1pm by telephone at (030) 398 898 23.


You can also contact me by email. Simply make use of the email form. Mails received during office hours will as a rule be answered without delay.


I can provide representation in the following matters:


  • General criminal law
    (e.g. bodily harm, theft, robbery, blackmail, coercion, fraud, document forgery, obstructing a law enforcement officer, etc.)
  • Medical criminal law
    (e.g. bodily harm, negligent homicide, accounting fraud, breach of confidentiality, accepting bribes, corruption)
  • Narcotics criminal law
    (e.g. illegally possessing, dealing in or making etc. narcotics)
  • Juvenile criminal law
    (special aspects of procedural law and law of penalties)
  • Sexual offences
    ( e.g. sexual assault, sexual abuse, acquiring, distributing or possessing child pornography material, etc.)
  • Fiscal offences law
    (tax evasion, voluntary disclosure of tax evasion, illegal export/import of goods, smuggling)
  • Road traffic offences
    (e.g. speeding, ignoring a stop light, tailgating, driving under the influence of alcohol etc.)
  • Law of criminal road traffic offences
    (e.g. leaving the scene of an accident without permission, reckless driving, driving while intoxicated, driving without a license etc.)
  • Corporate crime
    (e.g. delaying filing for insolvency, bankruptcy, embezzlement, fraud, corruptions offences, violations of export bans, compliance, etc.)

My law firm is located in Berlin Moabit and is within easy reach of the criminal law court, the prison and the offices of the public prosecution services and can easily be accessed by car or public transport.


If you do not understand or speak German sufficiently well for the purposes of your case, as a defendant you are entitled to the services of an interpreter at no charge to you. This does not only apply to a hearing in court but also to preparatory discussions with your defence lawyer.


Torsten H. Hildebrandt



Rechtsanwalt Strafrecht Steuerrecht Berlin